Al-Dahlaki: Iraq Should Invest All The Outcomes Of “Baghdad Conference For Neighboring Countries”

Baghdad The representative of the Iraqi Forces Alliance, Raad Al-Dahlaki, stressed the importance of Iraq investing all the outputs of the Baghdad Conference of neighboring countries, which will serve the higher interests of the country, and end the crises surrounding the region in general and Iraq in particular.

Al-Dahlaki expressed, in a press statement, his hope that the current conference will not be the same as its predecessors, and that actual positions and decisions that are binding on everyone will be implemented in order to achieve the higher interests in important and sensitive files.

He added, “One of the most important and crucial files is the water file, and the need to emphasize international agreements that prevent its use as a military means to fight peoples, and to consider those who exploit it in political issues as a war criminal and deliberately involved in the crime of genocide,” noting that “the other file is the file of security and stability of the region, and the emphasis on peaceful coexistence and respect for sovereignty, and giving priority to the language of dialogue over the language of arms.”

He added, “The economic and commercial files are also important, and it is possible for Iraq to deal with them in a smart way that makes the country a gateway to the commercial movement in the region, in a way that supports the wheel of development and raises the standard of living for the citizen with the need to protect the local product.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency