Baghdad Al-Fateh Alliance announced its position on the upcoming ministerial reshuffle that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi intends to make on the government formation.

In a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), the MP of the Alliance, Hamid Al-Moussawi, said that “the time is not appropriate for any shake-up or change, whether in the government formation or within Parliament, and we have to accept the reality we are forced to.”

He added, “We have reluctantly accepted Al-Kadhimi’s presidency for the current government formation, and we also agreed to accept the presidency of the House of Representatives, despite our many observations on the mechanism and management of the legislative authority, but we will proceed with this path until achieving a popular political reference demand, which is holding early elections next October as a necessary step to achieve stability in Iraq and get it out from the crisis.”

Al-Moussawi, a representative of Badr bloc, which is affiliated with the alliance, explained that “international parties do not want Iraq’s stability, and they give a message (no security) to prevent Iraq from stability in all areas and prevent the attraction of investments, and the return of Iraq to an important regional and international player in the region.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency