Al-Ghanmi-Striking with an iron fist against anyone trying to destabilize security and stability

BAGHDAD / The Army Chief of Staff, Othman al-Ghanmi, chaired on Thursday the operational conference at the headquarters of the ground forces in the presence of all weapons and operations commanders and a number of officers of the General Staff, in addition to a number of advisers in the coalition forces.

Al-Ghanami stressed during the conference, according to a statement by the Ministry of Defense, "to beat with an iron hand on anyone who tries to destabilize security and stability, with the need to limit weapons to the state and build bridges of trust with the citizens, as well as the security plan for the month of Ramadan to protect civilians and benefit from security resources and activating the work of checkpoints and intensify the intelligence effort ".

The leaders of weapons and operations and representatives of the security services summarized in detail the latest military operations in all the sectors that are witnessing continuous victories of our armed forces against criminal gangs.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency