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Al-Haddad: Corruption poses a constant threat to prosperity, development and all components of the state

Baghdad Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bashir Al-Haddad, confirmed that corruption poses a constant threat to prosperity and development and all the components of the state.”

Al-Haddad said in a speech at Al-Rafidain 2021 Forum: “One of the obstacles in combating corruption in Iraq is the multiplicity of supervisory bodies, because their multiplicity without coordination leads to counterproductive results, slackness, loss of time and public money, and the overlap of competencies among them.”

He explained: “The parliamentary system has given parliament an important role in combating corruption, and parliaments in the world are one of the pillars of integrity.”

Al-Haddad stressed: “Corruption poses a constant threat to prosperity and development, and to all components of the state, and it is the scourge of societies, ancient and present in every time and place, and is not contained in a particular country.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency