Baghdad Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bashir Al-Haddad, stressed the need to complete legislation for transitional justice laws and to redress the affected groups.

The parliamentary department said in a statement that the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / received a copy of it: “The parliamentary committees (the Committee for Civil Society Institutions and Parliamentary Development, the Committee for Martyrs, Victims and Political Prisoners, the Human Rights Committee), organized today in the council building the Shabibi Hall the first conference for the victims of the regime, in the presence of Deputy Speaker Bashir Al-Haddad, a number of MPs, political figures, representatives of civil society organizations, sheikhs and dignitaries of clans, and a group of victims who had their earflaps cut because of their refusal to participate in wars during the days of the former regime.

In his speech, the Deputy Speaker of the Council stressed the need to complete the legislation for transitional justice laws and redress the groups that were affected by the unjust policies of the previous regime.

Al-Haddad stressed the need to intensify efforts by the parliamentary committees and to proceed to legislating laws or making amendments to the laws in force for the remainder of the current parliamentary session, lifting injustice and compensating those affected materially and morally, whose human rights have been violated, recalling during the speech the injustice, destruction and extermination of the people of Halabja, unfortunately, they have not obtained their legitimate rights to this day.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency