Al-Hakim From Maysan: The National Decision Must Be A Local Product

Al-Amara Ammar al-Hakim, head of the National Wisdom Movement, affirmed: “Iraq needs a political and societal code of honor, and the national decision must be a local product.”

Al-Hakim said in a meeting with the sheikhs and dignitaries of Bani Lam clans in Maysan: “Unity and cohesion are enough to overcome many problems, and that international and regional powers have begun to understand the importance of Iraq’s stability and support, and that these developments represent indicators of Iraq’s restoration of its regional and international status and historical status.”

He pointed to the nature of the challenges, including the economic and service challenge, noting: “Iraq has suffered a lot from the drop in oil prices in the previous period, as well as electricity problems,” pointing to the importance of providing dues to farmers and contractors to sustain the wheel of the economy and provide job opportunities stipulated in the budget.

Al-Hakim warned against negative generalization, and called on the citizen to assume his responsibilities in the elections and to provide the most efficient and scrutinize the behavior of the candidates and the money spent, stressing the importance of broad, active and conscious participation in the upcoming elections.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency