The Head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, affirmed that Iraq is experiencing an unprecedented state of security, economic, social and political stability.

In a press conference held at the headquarters of the Iraqi Embassy in Cairo, Al-Hakim pointed out: Iraq’s pride in Egypt and its historical roles, stressing that Iraq is experiencing an unprecedented security, economic, social and political state of stability because the state administration coalition represents an incubator for the current government.

He explained that there is a desire to open up to Iraq and develop relations with it, as well as a regional and international desire for its stability.

Al-Hakim renewed the call for a five-way alliance that includes the major countries in the region (Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey) on the basis of political and economic cooperation and achieving development and the interests of the peoples of the region, as development is a basic entry point for achieving the interests of the countries of the region.

Al-Hakim called for the integration of roles between Al-Azhar Al-Sharif Foundation and Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf, because they represent a line of moderation and tolerance, expressing his happiness for the visit of the Grand Imam to Iraq at any time, stressing that it will serve the region and its people because of its impact on the religious and social level.

Al-Hakim indicated that there is a serious will to develop relations between Iraq and Egypt and turn this will into serious steps, expressing his hope that the upcoming meetings of the bilateral committee will come out in a way that serves and enhances the interests of the two countries and the two brotherly peoples.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency