Baghdad The head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, renewed his support for the government in combating corruption and providing services.

A statement from Al-Hakim’s office stated: The head of the National Wisdom Movement met this evening with Prime Minister Muhammad Al-Sudani.

The statement added: During the meeting, they discussed the developments of the political scene in Iraq and the region, the upcoming entitlements, and the form of the relationship between the government and the House of Representatives, reiterating support for the government and its steps in combating corruption and providing services.

The two parties stressed the importance of maintaining the service file and upgrading services throughout the country.

Al-Hakim called for paying attention to the governorates, holding cabinet sessions there, and working to solve problems and provide services.

On the federal budget, he also called on the House of Representatives to expedite its reading and approval so that the government can implement its program, indicating the importance of security, social and political stability in supporting the government’s path.

He also called for the perpetuation of preemptive strikes in the fight against terrorism and its sleeper cells, stressing the importance of resolving the outstanding problems between the federal government and the regional government and addressing them according to the equation of concession to Iraq and the supreme national interest.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency