Baghdad The head of the Iraqis Alliance, Ammar Al-Hakim, stressed the importance of holding the elections on the specified date.

Al-Hakim said at Al-Rafidain Forum 2021: It is not possible to look at electoral security from one angle, as there are activists who do not feel safe for themselves, adding that we appeal to those who seek to pursue those who are trying to rig the elections.

Al-Hakim added: Undoubtedly, the situation in Iraq is not ideal, as carrying arms and electronic armies to influence the electoral process lose credibility.

He explained: “The forbidden voice is like forbidden money, and it is also illegal, and many of the previous forces did not benefit from the votes that they gained illegally.”

He continued, “We bet on the confidence and maturity of our people, and they distinguish those who exploit the capabilities of the state to pressure to vote for them, adding that the forces that go to exploit the capabilities of the state feel weak.”

He indicated that, Iraq, where money does not change the counters of regional balances, adding that Iraq’s strength is not to be biased and to have a good relationship with everyone, not to be hostile to everyone.

He emphasized that Iraq is too big to be biased towards anyone, and the magic key to its stability is to be subservient to itself.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency