Al-Hakim to the Kurdish delegation: Kirkuk remains a city for peaceful coexistence, which preserves the rights of its people of all components

BAGHDAD / Head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim renewed his stress on the unity of Iraq as a real guarantee for all and their rights.

During his meeting with a delegation of Kurdish parties headed by MP Ala Talabani, Al-Hakim called for reading the reality of the region and the world and alerting to the dangers facing everyone under multiple headings, which can confronted only by the unity of people and their speech, pointing out that confronting terrorism was a clear lesson on how terrorism invaded more than half of Iraq, and how we defeated terrorism to the farthest points at the Syrian border when we evoked the public interest and the homeland.

"The dialogue is a solution to any crisis, provided we go to dialogue with the mentality of right and duty," Al-Hakim said, stressing that Kirkuk should remain a city for peaceful coexistence that preserves the rights of its people from all components.

The Kurdish delegation congratulated Al-Hakim on the formation of the National Wisdom Movement, referring to the importance of communicating with him.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency