Al-Halbousi _There is no dispute with Al-Kadhimi.. and I aspire for a second Parliamentary term

Baghdad Parliament Speaker Mohammed Al-Halbousi confirmed that there is no dispute between him and Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, and that he is supportive to him.

He saluted in a televised statement the Electoral Commission for its role in organizing the draw for the names of the candidates, noting that this session is a session of challenges among blocs and alliances.

Al-Halbousi added that: Many laws were suspended in the past, and now they have been activated, the most important of which is the Federal Court Law.

He explained that the interrogation files in Parliament do not contain any sale or extortion, and what is said about this is nonsense.

He continued: We will not lose sight of the issue of the ration quota, and Salman Al-Jumaili is the one behind the reduction of the ration card when he was Minister of Trade and Agency and Planning.

Former Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi made a positive promise and did not differentiate among sects and was considered a veteran politician.

Al-Halbousi expressed his ambition for a second parliamentary term.

He stressed that the Presidency of the Republic is the right of the Sunni component, and the National Assembly was for the Kurdish brothers, and I seek for the Sunni component to take its right in the state.

He said, “I am not supported by any country, and I draw my strength from the public, and the origin of the problem with who is the prime minister, and we will not be a party to actually naming the (largest bloc) and leave this matter to those concerned with it.

He stated that he did not interfere in Abu Mazen’s case, neither negatively nor positively, nor in any judicial case, and I would like Abu Mazen very much, and he is brave and bold.

He considered the presidency of the parliament for the Sunnis, the Prime Ministers for the Shiites, and the Republic for the Kurds, caused a conflict within the corridors of the House of Representatives.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency