Al-Halbousi, Hammoudi Review The Latest Political Developments And Preparation For The Upcoming Elections

Baghdad Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi received the head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council, Hammam Hammoudi, and reviewed with him the latest political developments and preparation for the upcoming elections.

The two sides stressed, according to a statement to Al-Halbousi’s office, “the importance of political dialogues with all parties, to form a common political vision that prevents negative stampedes and contributes to providing better services to citizens.”

They also discussed the pivotal role of Iraq in the region, and the importance of the economic aspect in international relations, through balanced relations that preserve the interests of Iraq and its partners.

Al-Halbousi pointed to the importance of continuing with wise policies and rational mechanisms of action, to enhance the pivotal role of Iraq in the region.

For his part, Hammoudi appreciated what the national forces were doing to restore the pivotal role of the country in the region and accelerate the return of Iraq as fair and capable country.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency