Al-Halbousi: Realistic Solutions Must Be Found To The Challenges In Iraq / More

Baghdad Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi stressed the need to find realistic solutions to the challenges in Iraq

Al-Halbousi said during his participation in Al-Rafidain Forum: The map of solutions that we can discuss in this analytical initiative must be based on the reality we live in with all its manifestations that we face, including the momentum of failure that has been repeated over the past years, although there are many great successes that if the state has achieved it, ignoring these mistakes will put us in front of the most difficult and complex solutions.

He explained that the most effective solutions are the most frank, albeit the most severe.

He indicated that marginalizing or neutralizing any social or political component from the solution scene in the next stage means that we are deliberately healing the wounds without treatment.

Al-Halbousi stressed that there should be a clear opinion of the Iraqi youth who founded the October (Tishreen) movement in the most effective demonstrations that have occurred in the contemporary history of Iraq.

He continued, “The parliamentary elections that will be held soon may be one of the important interim solutions, but the fundamental question facing us is whether these elections will constitute the final solution, or should we look at the elections as a paving and important means for the existing social and political stage that will give us the opportunity to embark on the reform plan and find solutions, which requires everyone to make major concessions, and without this mentality and this willingness, we cannot find the way to a solution.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency