Al-Jaafari At The Conference Of Victims Of Religious And Ethnic Violence: Iraqi Society Stood United To Confront Terrorism

BAGHDAD - Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said that the Iraqi society has stood united in its various kinds to confront terrorism in defense of themselves and on behalf of the world.

Jaafari said in a speech at an international conference on victims of religious and ethnic violence in the Middle East "We renew our solidarity against the terrorism that afflicts the countries of the region, including my country, Iraq, which represents the first front line against the terrorists who came from more than 100 countries and tried to destroy the social and urban structure, but the Iraqi society stood united in its diversity to confront terrorism in defense of themselves and on behalf of the world. "

He stressed "the importance that the world should stand together by any country subjected to terrorism," adding that "if the peoples of the world stood by Palestine and Iraq in this way, the terrorism would have taken a lesson.

He pointed to the most urgent measures taken by the Iraqi government in dealing with the current crisis to alleviate the suffering of the displaced and the victims of ethnic and religious violence that affected all the Iraqi people, including the formation of the High Committee for Relief and shelter 4 million displaced and the establishment of 60,000 housing units in the form of Camps and provide relief aid worth 500 million dinars, as well as adopting a plan to accommodate displaced students in safe schools and universities. "

"Iraq seeks to preserve diversity by improving security and economic conditions, political participation, equal opportunities for minorities in the national state by documenting and prosecuting crimes and supporting the National Criminal Court on crimes committed on ethnic or religious grounds and combating intolerance, extremism and discrimination in all its forms," Jaafari said.

He expressed that "Iraq appreciates the international community's position in providing humanitarian support, urgent needs such as food and shelter for those in need, and helping create conditions that allow the voluntary and safe return of displaced families to liberated areas."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency