Al-Kaabi and the Minister of Electricity agree on the need to complete the linkage with the Gulf countries and introduce new production units early next year

Baghdad The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, discussed with the Minister of Electricity Adel Karim, the reality of electric power production, the repeated targeting of power towers, and the completion of the electrical connection with the Gulf countries.

Al-Kaabi reviewed, according to a statement by his office, the nature of the problems in the electricity sector and the necessary treatments to end the power outage crisis, as well as the importance of expediting the completion of the electrical connection process with the Arab Gulf states.

He stressed the need to start changing leaders and a number of incompetent executive officials in the ministry, noting that the electricity file is among the most important priorities of the parliament’s work as it is directly related to the life of the citizen, and therefore the ministry needs a comprehensive and rapid revolution that starts with the uprooting of corrupt and incompetent leaders which contributed to the reluctance of its work over the past two decades, and the need for a good leader surrounded by professional and honest cadres to fight with them and achieve his goals.

It was agreed on the need to expedite the completion of projects that would increase energy, solve the problem of shortage during peak periods next summer, as well as activate projects that depend on loans from donor countries to establish generating stations that are consistent with the fuel available in Iraq and encourage the pioneering project to produce solar energy, and also to continue maintenance operations periodically and in purely Iraqi hands, and to stay away from contracting with foreign companies that cost the budget huge sums.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency