Al-Kaabi Calls On The Islamic Cooperation Organization To Come Up With A Unified Position Equivalent To Zionist Entity’s Crimes Against Palestinians

Baghdad Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Head of the Iraqi Parliamentary Delegation currently participating in the meetings of the Councils of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation meetings held today in Tehran, stressed the need to come up with recommendations and decisions equivalent to the size of the heinous crimes committed by the usurper Zionist entity against our Palestinian people.

Al-Kaabi said during the meetings held by the participating Iraqi delegation on the sidelines of the meeting, with the Jordanian delegation headed by Hussein al-Harassis, and the head of the Algerian delegation and the National Democratic Assembly in the Algerian National Assembly Ali Jerbaa and his accompanying delegation, and in the presence of the Iraqi ambassador in Tehran: “The peoples of Islamic countries, including the Arab ones see the Palestinian issue as its first issue, and here it is important to agree on a unified position that will be clear and explicit through the Council’s meetings. ”

Al-Kaabi stressed “the importance of unifying official positions and coordinating efforts among all parliaments of the participating countries to urge governments in Islamic countries to play a greater role and take more firm stances by using diplomatic methods to pressure the Security Council and the International Court, forming fact-finding committees and considering the actions of the Zionist entity as war crimes and crimes against humanity, and exposing its immoral practices against the Palestinian people. ”

During the meeting, they discussed the nature of Arab-Arab relations and ways to enhance them through developing the volume of relations at the diplomatic level and parliamentary cooperation, developing the volume of economic, commercial and cultural cooperation, and exchanging experiences in all frameworks through the formation of joint bilateral cooperation committees that work towards concluding partnerships and agreements that would strengthen the volume of relationships in the interest of our Arab peoples.

Iraq is participating with a high-ranking representative delegation headed by Hassan Al-Kaabi and the membership of MPs Abdul Hussein Al-Mousawi, Sherko Muhammad Saleh, Hussein Al-Yassari, Majid Azab Al-Waili and Faisal Al-Issawi, in the extraordinary meeting of the Council of Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to discuss the Zionist attack on the Palestinian people, which is held today, Monday, in Tehran.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency