Baghdad First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, received in his office today, Sunday, the Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Baghdad, Muntaser Aqla Al-Zoubi, and his advisor, Nidal Al-Sharari.

Al-Kaabi, during the meeting, according to a statement by his office, stressed the extent of the closeness and the great commonalities between Iraq and the Hashemite Kingdom, including the social fabric and clan extension, as well as language, religion and a single destiny, and the volume of cooperation between the two countries in the scientific, economic and commercial fields, confronting terrorism and joint agreements that serve the interest of the two peoples.

He pointed out that the cooperation between the two countries is at the height of its recovery, and this should be invested in an effective way to develop it in areas of common interest and achieve the largest possible amount of achievements in the interest of the two brotherly peoples, expressing his pride in the Kingdom’s recent stance towards the Palestinian cause by rejecting the Zionist aggression against Palestine.

For his part, the Jordanian ambassador affirmed his country’s support for the Iraqi government in holding early legislative elections with integrity and transparency, indicating that Iraq is a country with a great history and an ancient civilization and is able to manage its internal affairs away from foreign interference.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency