Al-Kaabi offers condolences for the martyrdom of four Iraqi army heroes at the hands of ISIS gangs

Baghdad The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hassan Al-Kaabi, offered his condolences and sympathy to the Iraqi people and the leaders and men of the security services, on the martyrdom of four of the heroes of the Eighth Mechanized Infantry Division, following a cowardly attack by ISIS terrorist gangs within the sector of the fourth regiment in the 32nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade.

Al-Kaabi said in his condolences, according to a statement by his media office: “While we extend our sincere condolences to the families of the martyrs for this great loss, we reiterate the necessity of uniting the efforts of all security forces formations against ISIS and to miss the opportunity to thwart terrorist attacks that they carry out from time to time in separate areas. It is evidence of their impotence and their nearness to their inevitable end, by God willing.”

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament called on the security forces of all kinds and formations to take more caution in the face of the plans of the enemies of Iraq, reiterating the need to activate the intelligence effort in Baghdad and the provinces and to secure the common borders with neighboring countries, stressing that the country is going through a critical stage, and there are those who are pushing towards destruction of our country is at times stirring up strife, spreading rumors and igniting conflicts at other times, but our honorable people have proven to the whole world the extent of their cohesion and their ability to thwart any scheme targeting their unity and the dust of their lands.

He concluded his condolences. We ask Almighty God, the Most High, to bestow mercy and contentment on the martyrs of Iraq, and eternal peace, and to inspire their families patience and solace.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency