Al-Kaabi: The Legislative Authority Is Keen The Judicial Authority Exercising Its Natural Role In A Democratic System

Baghdad First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Al-Kaabi congratulated forming the Federal Supreme Court and its members to assume their positions, stressing that the legislative authority is keen to ensure that the judicial authority exercises its natural role in a democratic system.

Al-Kaabi said, during his visit to the headquarters of the Federal Supreme Court and his meeting with its President, Jassem Al-Amiri: “No matter how developed the countries that do not pursue a democratic system, they are unable to achieve an independent judicial system without interference by the authority in its affairs.”

He added: “Our need now for a judicial institution with its various specializations steams from our need for the stability of the democratic system, and the Federal Court is one of the most important judicial institutions that are able to create stability, impartiality and justice, and decide between opponents, whether at the level of institutions or even between the individual and the institution, as the good governance is achieved in the rule of law and faith in the justice of the law, not the other way. ”

Al-Kaabi noted, “Everyone agreed on one goal represented by the Federal Court exercising its great role in the unity of Iraq,” stressing the need for cooperation between the legislative authority and the Federal Court in regard to legislating laws and drawing on their legal opinions to ensure the legislation of laws that are more sober and more beneficial to the citizen and the country as a whole.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency