Al-Kadhimi: Al-Rasheed Theater will be an arena for artists’ work, and we will support them / Expanded

Baghdad Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi confirmed that Al-Rasheed Theater will be an arena for artists’ work, and we will support them.

Al-Kadhimi said during today’s Cabinet session: “I offer my condolences once again to the families of the heroic martyrs who rose during the past days while defending the homeland and its people, and while they were confronting the continuous attempts of ISIS terrorism to destabilize security and stability.”

He addressed the terrorists, saying: “Your attempts will fail and you will have no shelter, and that treachery will not bring victory, and we have men who have tasted you defeat and are still, and they will repeat their epics in the coming days.”

He pointed out: “The battle against terrorism continues, and the terrorists will not find a place to shelter them in Iraq or outside it. We will all cooperate as Iraqis with the friends of Iraq to pursue terrorists everywhere.”

He continued, “Just as we succeeded in liberating our cities, we will succeed, with God’s help, in the final elimination of terrorist groups, and we engage in daily battles with terrorist groups, and we killed many of them in Tarmiyah, and in other areas in Iraq.”

He also addressed the heroic security forces, saying: “We must be ready to challenge and confront terrorist groups, and caution must be taken by adhering to the instructions.”

He explained: “With the Diyala incident, unfortunately, we saw those who tried to fight with the blood of Iraqis, and there were those who tried to provide moral support to the enemy from where they did not know, and there were those who contributed to spreading rumors about the collapse of our heroic security forces.”

He said, “I remind everyone of the readiness of our security forces, which have previously made sacrifices for the sake of Iraq, and are continuing to make sacrifices for the sake of Iraq’s future. It is unfortunate to see in the social media a moral crisis, and there are those who accuse our heroic army, and challenge its military honor.”

Al-Kadhimi stressed that the government continues its work and supervises the provision of services until the tasks are handed over to the new government.

He continued, “We have a real crisis in electricity, due to the weather and the lack of supply by the Islamic Republic of Iran for gas, and this is one of the previous accumulations by relying on imports from a single source to supply gas instead of benefiting from the Iraqi gas that is burned, and this government started investing in Iraqi gas.”

He stated: “The atmosphere in the region has become cold, and there is a high demand for gas, and this has affected the supply of Iranian gas to Iraq. We directed the Ministries of Oil and Electricity to cooperate and provide support to generator owners, as well as to provide white oil to citizens.”

He added: “Al-Rasheed Theater will be an arena for artists’ work and we will support them, and what was raised about the theater’s ownership is a routine diligence from state departments, and such a situation should not be dealt with out of creating despair and frustration.”

He stated: “The false and inaccurate information circulating has unfortunately become prevalent, and we hope the judiciary will take its role and measures in limiting these phenomena, and I hope everyone will be at the level of responsibility and current challenges when transmitting and dealing with information.”

I assure the artists, Al-Rasheed Theater remains in safe hands. Today, I requested the Minister of Housing the transfer of ownership of the land and the building to the Ministry of Culture, but unfortunately there were those who dealt with inaccurate and false information; this created a feeling that the country is in chaos


Source: National Iraqi News Agency