Baghdad Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi confirmed that all conditions are ready for conducting the early electoral process.

Al-Kadhimi said during the cabinet session held today: “We succeeded in holding the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership, and its reverberation were great locally, regionally and globally.”

He added: “Our goal, above all, is to take into account the interest of Iraq, and this does not mean that it be at the expense of our brothers and friends from Arab and regional countries, but rather on the basis of common interests.”

He pointed out: “Iraq must return in a manner that befits its great name and history, which represents the cradle of civilizations.”

He continued: “We were keen that Iraq controls its security, politics and economy away from any interference, so that Iraq cannot be ruled by another country, and Iraq cannot be isolated from its regional and international surroundings, which is what we are working on by strengthening relations of cooperation based on mutual respect of sovereignty.

He stressed, “It is not strange that there is competition between the political parties, but it is strange and shameful that this competition affects Iraq and its people.”

He said: “We will not be complimenting at the expense of the country at any cost, indicating that “we are moving in the right direction and steadily towards combating corruption, and we have made great progress in this file, despite political interference.”

He stated: “The service file also had an important share of our government program, and we are achieving what we promised to do.”

Regarding the elections, Al-Kadhimi said: “There are only a few weeks left for the elections, and all conditions are ripe for the early electoral process, and we look forward to broad and effective participation.”

The Prime Minister urged citizens to participate in the elections by social actors, which is very important. The decline in participation in the previous elections was one of the reasons that led to many problems.

He pointed out: “The return of the Sadrist movement to participate in the elections is a good step that added momentum to the elections, and I call on all the boycotters to return and participate in the elections.”

He stressed “we are continuing to work on activating the Future Generations Fund, based on a sense of responsibility towards our children and grandchildren”.

He continued, “We want to secure Iraq’s future away from dependence on an unsustainable economy, as oil wealth will not be in control for the rest of life, and many countries have begun to search for alternative and clean energies.”

He stressed: “We inherited the oil wealth from our fathers, and we are supposed to develop this great legacy, not only drain it, and deprive future generations of their wealth.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency