Baghdad The Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, affirmed that the stability of Iraq means the stability of the region, and chaos in Iraq means its expansion in the region, and no one wants that.

Al-Kadhimi said during his meeting with the leaders of the security services in Maysan Governorate: At first, I offer my deepest condolences to the families of the martyr Judge Ahmed Faisal and the martyr police officer Hussam Al-Alawi. Today we are going through very complicated political circumstances…this is a crucial and important stage, and no one is allowed to exploit these circumstances to spread chaos.”

Al-Kadhimi stressed that all forces, without exception, security, political, and social, move quickly and assume their responsibilities.

He pointed out that “chaos is merciless for anyone, and everyone will pay the price. We must work together and cooperate to reach the desired results.

He continued: Today we are here in Maysan province to tell the criminals: You will receive harsh punishment, and no one believes that he can rise above the law, or seek to spread chaos without being held accountable.

Al-Kadhimi confirmed that he had taken quick measures to address the repercussions, and he said, “We have directed the formation of the Maysan Operations Command, and we will work to re-establish the security plan to address the violations.”

He added, “I will personally follow up on the situation of the governorate from the Joint Security Command day by day, and all criminals will be arrested and handed over to the judiciary, and the most severe punishments will be imposed on them… No one is above the law, and no one is allowed to bypass the state and its institutions.”

Al-Kadhimi affirmed his provision of all support to the judiciary in Maysan and to the security services, and all that the security forces need in order to establish security and implement the law.

He stressed the citizens to help the security forces and cooperate with them, and I appeal to the members of our honorable clans not to allow some of those who have their whims to drag them into fanaticism and alignments outside the framework of the state.

Al-Kadhimi said: We have to pay attention to several things: our absolute rejection of some people investing in the local political scene, and turning the country into an arena for settling accounts that sometimes go beyond the borders of the country. Iraq will not be an arena for settling accounts, and the clock will not turn back.

He continued, “Draging problems to the Iraqi interior or creating them in a province here or there, or involving Iraq with the problems of the outside is totally rejected, indicating that Iraq’s involvement in this delicate circumstance in any similar confrontations, whether internal or external, does not benefit but rather harms all of us.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency