Baghdad Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi inspected today, Monday, the Juvenile Reform Department for Males / Baghdad Observation House.

According to a statement by his office, Al-Kadhimi inspected the conditions of the prisoners in this house and their places of detention, listening to the complaints of some of them and directing them to be addressed.

He called on the young inmates to learn from their mistakes and make sure not to repeat them in the future, and said that there are many who have gone through conditions similar to yours and have been able to reform themselves and have turned into opportunities for success in society, and this is what we ask of you as well, because you are our sons and it is our duty to take care of you.

Al-Kadhimi stressed that: the role of reform provides you with an opportunity to rehabilitate yourselves, and you must take advantage of what the home provides to you in terms of studying and learning some professions, and all this will help you return to society and integrate with it and be good individuals in the service of your country.

Al-Kadhimi toured the halls of the house, and stressed to its employees the importance of strengthening the rehabilitation programs for juvenile delinquents, in order to enable them to quickly adapt to their community and integrate with others.

He indicated that the crimes of juveniles in reform homes have committed them at young ages, indicating the existence of a serious social problem due to the legacy of wars and conflicts, stressing that the correctional punishment for them is defined by the law, and we will not tolerate any abuse that any inmate, especially inmates, is subjected to Juvenile fixing.

Al-Kadhimi directed the formation of a committee to follow up the cases of juvenile inmates in this house and other houses.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency