Al-Kadhimi Meets The Speaker Of The Iranian Shura Council More

Baghdad Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi met today, Sunday, the Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council, Muhammad Baqir Qalibaf, as part of his current official visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The meeting, which was held at the Iranian Shura Council headquarters, discussed bilateral relations between the two frily countries, and ways to develop joint cooperation in various fields.

During the meeting, Al-Kadhimi stressed Iraq’s eavor to consolidate relations of cooperation and sustainable partnership with Iran, as well as openness to strengthening economic cooperation and interdepence in various fields, in a way that enhances the stability of the region and the communication of its peoples.

During the meeting, they discussed regional and international files of common interest and bilateral coordination, in a manner that secures further consolidation of security and stability, and open the way for sustainable development for the benefit of the Iraqi and Iranian peoples and other peoples of the region.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency