– Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi confirmed that the government is working to implement the early elections in a way that ensures that the boxes are the main and true expression of the Iraqi voice.

The Media Office of the Prime Minister stated that Al-Kadhimi met today, Saturday, during his visit to Dhi Qar Governorate, with several groups of the governorate’s youth who represent the demonstrators in it, from graduates and others, and listened to their demands regarding the conditions in the governorate, as well as their views on the overall political situation in the country.”

Al-Kadhimi stated: “what the protesters are demanding does not deviate from the ambition of what the government is working on, and what it is determined to implement, and that it has set in mind the goal of economic development that provides job opportunities, decent living and social justice, and the rest of the demands of the demonstrating youth, as it works to implement Early elections will ensure that the boxes are the main and true expression of the Iraqi voice, and the means to ensure the perpetuation of demands in the decision-making arena.

The Prime Minister also met separately with the mother of the martyr of the demonstrations, Omar Saadoun, and the father of the kidnapped activist, Sajjad Al-Iraqi, and indicated that the absence of activists and the assault on them comes as part of a battle waged by the state against corruption and devastation and the expansion of the corrupt abusers in addition to the traffickers in demands, where the young people chose their place in the trench of confrontation with these people from the moment they went out to demonstrate for Iraq, stressing that while we reject the logic of revenge, we are determined to achieve rights in accordance with legal and judicial mechanisms that restore the state’s prestige, and enhance the citizen’s confidence and security of his future

Source: National Iraqi News Agency