Al-Kadhimi Visits The Second Gas Station South Of Baghdad

Baghdad / NINA / – Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi conducted, today, Saturday, an inspection visit to the second gas power plant south of Baghdad, accompanied by a number of officials in the Ministry of Electricity.

During the visit, Al-Kadhimi was briefed, according to a statement by his media office, on the progress of work at the station and ways to enhance the reality of production and raise efficiency, in a manner that ensures the smooth flow of electrical energy to citizens and the stability of supply.

Al-Kadhimi issued several directives related to the work of the station and the production sector, to facilitate tasks, bypass routine, shorten time and raise the level of service provided to citizens, in addition to activating short, medium and long-term strategic plans to solve chronic problems in the electricity sector.

Al-Kadhimi stressed to the workers in the station, the production sector, and the staff of the Ministry of Electricity in general, the need to intensify and continue efforts, in order to provide the best services to citizens, overcome technical symptoms and quickly find alternatives despite the difficult circumstances. / End


Source: National Iraqi News Agency