Al-Kadhimi: We Look Forward To Baghdad Conference And What It Will Produce In Support Of Iraq’s Historical Role In Establishing Peace

Baghdad Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi said “we look forward to the Baghdad conference and what it will produce of support for Iraq’s historical role in establishing peace”.

Al-Kadhimi added, during his meeting with Arab and foreign media delegations on the occasion of the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership, in the presence of the President of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, President of the Federation of Arab Journalists, Muayyad al-Lami, and spokesman for the Council of Ministers, Minister of Culture Hassan Nadhim: We welcome you in Baghdad, the peace, and Iraq of the meeting, cooperation and partnership, and we are preparing to hold the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and partnership, which its work will start next Saturday, which is an important event not only for Iraq, but for the whole region.”

He continued, according to a statement by his media office: “There are many challenges that we suffer from in the region, and we all have to cooperate and unite in solving them, and to cross towards creating economic and social integration among the peoples of the region.”

He explained, that this conference embodies Iraq’s vision of the need to establish the best relations with its surroundings and with the countries of the world, stressing that Iraq began to take its historical role, to be one of the pillars of peace in the region.

The Prime Minister indicated that, Iraq can create a bridge for communication, cooperation and comprehensive integration, with all countries in the region.

He said: “Enough wars, conflicts and disputes… Iraq calls on all countries in the region to build peace on the basis of integration among the peoples of the region.”

He added: there are great opportunities in Iraq in which the countries of the region can cooperate and contribute, and create a new space for all the peoples of the region to build peace and stability for it.

He added: “We are heading towards crucial and decisive elections in a month and a half, which will strengthen the democratic process in the country.

He stressed that “we have worked for about a year and two months at various levels to reform the economic, security and political tracks in the country,” adding that “we have succeeded in achieving great goals, and we are still going ahead and committed to building an effective, stable and sustainable state”. Added “Through all of this, we look forward to regional cooperation with all countries in the region.

He addressed the attendees by saying: “It is reliable, dear media professionals , to convey a true image that reflects the positives and achievements of your second country, (Iraq), and its diversity at various levels to the world.”

He continued, “You are always influential, and what you will convey will help this ancient country to rise again, in order to regain its historic role, which spans seven thousand years.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency