Al-Katib: Today’s Meeting Easing The Impact Of Election Results To Get Out Of The Crisis

Baghdad A former member of the Parliament of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Dana Al-Katib, affirmed: “Today’s meeting has positive results and will ease the impact of the election results, especially for the blocs within the coordinating framework that rejects them.”

He told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): “This meeting is what the coordination framework awaits to get out of the political crisis, and it is a good step by Al-Sadr to reach a compromise solution to the current crisis.”

He added: “The most important issue, which Al-Sadr put forward, is that he does not enter into the agreements of ” druggist mixture”… He wondered: How will the final agreement be, whether by forming the government with a complete mixture or persuading them to accept the results.

He explained that: According to Al-Sadr’s opinion, the forces of the coordinating framework must choose either the opposition or the acceptance of participation in the government.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency