Al-Khalisi calls on those who announced their withdrawal from the elections to prove their credibility

Baghdad  The Religious Authority Sheikh Jawad Al-Khalisi called on those announcing the withdrawal from the elections, to work with the loyalists who advised them not to get involved in the political process made by the occupation on a national and Islamic political project that saves the country and the nation.

Al-Khalisi said, during the Friday sermon in the holy city of Kadhimiya, that “whoever is silent or avoids expressing his opinion on important situations and events, or who stands on neutrality, he is only supporting the unjust and corrupt side, so silence about injustice or corruption means victory for him; so how if a person goes with the oppressor coexisted with him and be part of his system?! As is happening today in the political process that exists in the country, which is the creation and manufacture of foreign occupation.”

He added, “the announcement of the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq is a repeated lie. The US forces are present in Iraq and they control the joints of the state, and everything that is happening in Iraq from devastation, corruption, destruction, fires, pollution, water cuts, lack of agriculture and others bear the responsibility of the American occupation and their followers and their sinners.”

He continued, “despite our categorical refusal not to participate in the political process or to accept all its secrets, we find that it is a legitimate duty to provide continuous advice to the participants in it, for what is happening today in Iraq is a systematic destruction to end Iraq and weaken and humiliate its people. This is something we should be aware of as well.”

He explained, “all the faithful today in and outside Iraq, especially those who were not involved in the political process, assert that there is no way to reform from within it, and there is no solution today except by boycotting the political process and not participating in its upcoming elections.”

Al-Khalisi stressed, “those who advised us previously and urged us to participate in the political process today announce their withdrawal from the upcoming elections and not to participate in them, but it is very necessary for them to prove what they have reached – even if they arrive late – which is to withdraw from the elections; to prove their credibility, and that this is in rejection of the treacherous political process that produced the corrupt elections and their dangerous ramifications.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency