Baghdad The head of the Martyrs Foundation, Abdul Ilah Al-Naeli, received today, Sunday, in his official office in Baghdad, the head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, Muayyad Al-Lami.

During the meeting, Al-Naeli stressed the importance of the media’s role in the next stage to bring justice to the victims of the Baath Party’s crimes and terrorism, to internationalize the cause of the martyr and martyrdom, and to highlight the values of sacrifice and heroism made by the martyrs in fighting injustice and tyranny, calling for the cooperation of all institutions and unions in showing the true face of the former regime and its violations committed against civilians.

The head of the Martyrs Foundation praised “the great national and professional role played by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate at all levels.”

For his part, the Syndicate’s president affirmed the Syndicate’s readiness and absolute cooperation to support cultural and media work in the next stage to achieve a correct start in this regard, in a manner that meets the needs and aspirations of the Martyrs Foundation.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency