Al-Lami: We Are Continuing The Process Of Distributing Land To Journalists, And We Are Seeking To Increase The Total Amount Allocated To The Incentive Rewards

Baghdad The head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, Muayyad al-Lami, confirmed the continuation of the process of distributing land to journalists, pointing to efforts to increase the total amount allocated for incentive rewards.

Al-Lami said in a press statement, “The Iraqi press institutions, after their experience with work and the freedoms available to them, a safe environment must be provided to them for the work of journalists that includes adherence to professional standards similar to international standards,” stressing that “these institutions should not unilaterally serve a party, or group, because this violates the professional commitment and independence of the journalist.

And regarding the distribution of land and rewards for journalists, Al-Lami stressed that “the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate continues to distribute land to journalists in the provinces, but there is a problem in the distribution in Baghdad only,” noting that “the incentive rewards will be present.”

He continued, “We are working with the Ministry of Culture and other bodies to increase the total amount allocated for rewards, because the existing ones do not cover the journalists, writers, artists and poets.”

Regarding affiliation to the Syndicate, he pointed out that “the amendment of the criteria for affiliation with the Syndicate of Journalists will make the door open to everyone,” noting that “the current criteria and conditions include testing, the condition of certification and presence in the media institutions, which are international standards, and we grant some facilities for admission for those belonging to sober media institutions.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency