Al-Maliki achieves an exciting victory … and rises to second place temporarily

Real Madrid won a precious victory over its counterpart Celta Vigo (3-1), in the match that brought the two teams together, this evening, Saturday, at Pallaidos Stadium within the framework of the 28th round of the Spanish League.

For Real Madrid, Karim Benzema scored (two goals) in the 20th and 30th minutes, and Asensio scored the third goal with the 94th minute, while Celta scored a goal, Santi Mina in the 40th minute. With

this victory, Real Madrid reached the 60th point to rise to second place temporarily, one point behind Barcelona , Third-placed, and 3 points ahead of Atletico Madrid, the leader with 63 points.

The balance of Celta Vigo stopped at point 34 in the 11th place.

Barcelona have a chance to regain the runners-up, as they face Real Sociedad, on Sunday.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency