Al-Maliki to the delegation of the PUK: The agreement on the PM and the adoption of the electoral maturity in government representation is the coordination framework project

Baghdad Head of the State of Law Coalition, Nouri al-Maliki, confirmed that the coordinating framework is keen to agree with the rest of the national forces in order to speed up the formation of the government in accordance with the constitutional and legal frameworks.

Al-Maliki indicated, during a joint meeting that included the leaders of the coordination framework with the delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan headed by Pavel Talabani in his office today, Friday, that “our project that we propose and we are committed to is clear and specific in the consensus on the prime minister and the adoption of electoral merit in government representation according to the approved contexts in forming each governments.”

In the same context, Hadi Al-Amiri, head of Al-Fateh Alliance, renewed the position of the coordination framework in opening up to political forces and strengthening the language of dialogue in order to reach solutions that end the current crisis.

For his part, Bavel Talabani stressed that the National Union is determined to strengthen its relations at various levels and with all partners, especially the forces of the coordinating framework.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency