Vice-President Nuri al-Maliki stressed to Advisor of the Iranian Supreme Leader for International Affairs Ayatollah Ali Akbar Velayati that “the threat of terrorism still exists in the circumstances of the region.”

“Iraq has been able to overcome the challenges and defeat the forces of terrorism with great popular cohesion, the fatwa of the supreme religious authority, and the stands of brotherly and friendly countries, most notably the position of the Islamic Republic in Iran,” al-Maliki said during his meeting in his official office, adding that the threat of terrorism still exists in the unstable conditions in the region, “calling to coordinate efforts to eliminate the hotbeds of terrorism and ensure that it does not return again. “

The Vice President of the Republic, according to a statement by his press office, said: “Iraq is coming to an important stage that is the reconstruction of liberated cities and the return of displaced persons and the holding of legislative elections.”

During the meeting, the two sides discussed various issues of common concern and enhance bilateral cooperation in all fields.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency