Al-Maliki_Polling centers indicate that the State of Law coalition is number one in the upcoming elections

Baghdad Head of the State of Law coalition, Nouri Al-Maliki, confirmed that all polls indicate that his coalition is number one in the upcoming elections.

He said in a televised statement that we welcome and recognize all that we obtain in elections.

He added that if the United Nations found that there was fraud in the elections, it would not give them legitimacy.

He explained that the United Nations will monitor the percentage of participation in the elections, noting that the turnout in 2018 did not exceed 20 percent, and we hope that the turnout will be greater in this year’s elections.

He made it clear that he cares about the integrity of the elections and the security situation that allows the voter to vote without fear.

He noted that the government is responsible for providing a safe environment during the elections.

He added that he is not determined to return to the premiership and that he does not mind choosing any service position in the country.

He pointed out that the uncontrolled weapon is the third party that fires the missiles, and it is the weapon of the unknown.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency