Al-Mandalawi: The contributions of the clergy are great in defending Iraq and preserving its societal fabric

Acting Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, confirmed today, Saturday, that great men have the duty to defend Iraq and preserve its societal fabric.

According to a statement from his media office, Mandalawi called on clerics to support the efforts of the government and Parliament and to continue working to confront Religious and intellectual extremism.’

The statement said: ‘Today, Saturday, Mandalawi conducted a field tour to Hazrat Al-Qadiriyah, accompanied by MP, Hassan Al-Khafaji, where he was received by the guardians of Hazrat Sheikh Khaled Al-Ghailani, and Sheikh Afif Al-Din Al-Ghailani, with distinguished scholars and sheikhs.’

Al-Mandalawi performed the Maghrib prayer at the Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Ghailani Mosque, visited the shrine and the place of seclusion, and viewed all the historical collections in. He also listened to the history, lineage and status of Sheikh Al-Ghailani, in addition to discussing the needs of al-Hazrat, highlighting the most prominent problems and ob
stacles facing them, in addition to the needs of those present in the place and their requests are being followed up.’

Source: National Iraqi News Agency