Al-Masari announces a national project that will be launched after the end of the Daesh phase

Baghdad / The Head of the Parliamentary Bloc of the Coalition of Iraqi Forces, Secretary-General of the National Right Party Ahmed Al-Masari revealed the formation of a national political project integrated to unify the policies and achieve national reconciliation among the political blocs and its start after the end of the Daesh phase.

Al-Masari said in a televised interview on Saturday that his bloc held several meetings with the Sunni political forces outside Iraq in Turkey and Erbil and left the meetings by forming a national political project to achieve national reconciliation.

Al-Masari pointed out that the wrong policies in the administration of the country are what led to the entry of Daesh and not the sit-in squares in Anbar, calling on all political blocs to unite to fight terrorism and extremism after Daesh.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency