Al-Masoudi: The US Vision Of The Iraqi Reality Will Become Clear After The Early Elections

Baghdad Member of the House of Representatives from the Saairun coalition, Riyad Al-Masoudi, said: “The American vision of the Iraqi reality will become clear after the early elections and the Iraqi government that results from them.”

Al-Masoudi said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): “The United States of America wants the current Iraqi reality to remain tense and unstable and does not want to reach decisions in its dialogue with the Iraqi government, and it does not want to end the suffering of Iraq in various levels.”

Al-Masoudi added that: The American desire to make decisions about Iraq politically, securely and economically, will not be clear and realistic until after early elections and the formation of an Iraqi government.

He added, “The Biden administration will, during the month of December or early next year, look through its political, military and security institutions for the viewpoint of the next government and take a position in a timely manner, and its vision will become clear about the Iraqi file.”

A new round of strategic dialogue is scheduled to start this week, between the Iraqi government and the United States of America.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency