Al-Najjar: Rafal Project Will Be An Integrated City In All Its Aspects And Will Include Industrial, Residential, Agricultural And Medical Facilities.

Baghdad The head of the National Investment Commission, Suha Al-Najjar, announced that the Rafal project will be an integrated city in all its aspects and will include industrial, residential, agricultural and medical facilities.

Al-Najjar said in a televised statement: “The Rafal city will extend from Radwaniyah and Abu Ghraib to the airport, indicating the great interest from Arab and foreign investors to come to Iraq.”

She added: “The land on which the Rafal project will be built is governmental, indicating that the facilities of the Ministry of Defense on the site of Rafal project will remain in their places.”

She continued, “The Ministry of Finance will compensate other ministries with lands outside the Rafal project, noting that there are some few private properties that will remain near the project.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency