Al-Nasr Coalition Calls On Iraqi Negotiating Delegation In Washington To Adopt Wise And Courageous Strategic Positions That Achieve Iraqi Interests

Baghdad Al-Nasr Coalition, headed by Haider Al-Abadi, called on the Iraqi delegation negotiating with the United States in the strategic dialogue, to adopt wise and courageous strategic positions that achieve Iraqi interests.

The coalition said in a press statement: “With the approach of the fourth and final strategic dialogue round between Iraq and the United States of America, we call on the Iraqi negotiating delegation to free itself from pressures and the current crisis, and to adopt wise and courageous strategic positions that achieve Iraqi interests far from any other interests.”

It stressed that: The ten-pronged Iraqi sovereignty initiative, which was presented by Haider al-Abadi on July 19, 2021, represents a comprehensive roadmap that preserves national interests and sovereignty, consolidates the unity of the state and the prestige of its institutions, and avoids Iraq from the dangers of international regional conflict.

The coalition reaffirmed its principles of the necessity of adopting a schedule with binding time ceilings for the withdrawal of foreign combat forces, with a clear and legal agreement for the tasks of training, advice and development of combat capabilities and intelligence cooperation to combat terrorism, and the launch of activating all the terms of the “strategic agreement” with the United States, in particular the economic and development aspects, and the start of a new phase of constructive cooperation between the two countries in all fields.

It also stressed that Iraq must respect its international obligations, and everyone should abide by the state’s military and security contexts, both internally and externally, and not allow any foreign interference in any Iraqi security, military or political matter, and to refrain completely from any infringement on diplomatic missions, training and development headquarters and foreign advice, and resorting to state contexts towards any encroachment on sovereignty, and Iraq’s disengagement from any file of the regional and international conflict in the region, to spare it the catastrophes of bias, and to ensure that it does not turn it into an arena of conflict that achieves the interests of others at the expense of the unity, security and safety of Iraq and its people.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency