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Al-Nujaifi calls on the government and the armed forces to protect citizens and expel intruders

Baghdad The Secretary-General of the United Iraq Party, Osama Al-Nujaifi, called on the government and armed forces to protect citizens and expel intruding terrorists.

He strongly condemned, according to a statement, the cowardly act carried out by the terrorist PKK elements, which led to the death of 5 and the wounding of a number of Peshmerga fighters.

He added that this act places the government and the Iraqi armed forces in front of the duty to protect citizens and expel the intruder terrorist elements that are wreaking corruption and criminality in the region.

There is absolutely no justification for the presence of the terrorist Turkish Kurdistan Workers Party on Iraqi soil, and it is not permissible to remain silent about its criminal acts, which are expanding day after day.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency