Al-Nujaifi Discusses With The Turkish Ambassador Bilateral Relations And Ways To Enhance Them In Various Fields

Government & Politics

Baghdad Secretary-General of the United Iraq Party, Osama Al-Nujaifi discussed with Ali Reza Günay, the Turkish ambassador to Iraq, relations of cooperation and friendship between Iraq and Turkey and their development in various fields.

Al-Nujaifi stressed during his meeting with the Turkish ambassador, according to a statement by his office, the importance of the relationship with Turkey. He presented a comprehensive vision based on the fact that Iraq is an independent country and its people do not accept any foreign control or interference against its interests. He also called on Turkey to support Iraq in light of the circumstances it is going through.

Referring the elections file, Al-Nujaifi stressed its importance and being important strategy for the next stage and its ability to achieve change that is consistent with the will of the people.

For his part, the ambassador presented his government’s vision, its keenness on the independence and sovereignty of Iraq, and its emphatic desire to develop relations. He also referred to the negative role of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and its danger to Turkey and Iraq as well.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency