Al-Nusour Square demonstrators: Our protests will continue until Zebari is excluded from the candidacy for the Presidency

Baghdad The crowds of demonstrators, in Al-Nusour Square, west of the capital, Baghdad, demanded today, Monday, the Shiite and Sunni political leaders to lift support for a person rejected by the Iraqi street in the nomination for the presidency of the republic, stressing the continuation of their demands and the repetition of their protest stance until the exclusion of Hoshyar Zebari from the nomination for the position of President of the Republic.

Representatives of the demonstrators read a press statement saying, “We renew our stance today to say our word regarding the candidacy of corrupt personalities for the post of President of the Republic, especially the separatist Hoshyar Zebari. We reject the one whose hands have been tainted by wasting public money and who plots against the unity of Iraq by voting for the secession of Kurdistan and his support for the establishment of the Kurdish state and transgression of the constitution and the law in coordination with the Israeli entity and his support for normalization and the implementation of foreign projects.”

The demonstrators demanded, in their statement, “the Federal Court to say the final ruling in excluding Zebari from the nomination because he does not meet the nomination conditions, the most important of which is the candidate’s integrity and not being covered by corruption, stressing that” these conditions are not met by Hoshyar Zebari, against whom Parliament voted to withdraw confidence, after convicting him of corruption and waste of public money and dumping Iraq with international monetary loans.”

The demonstrators stressed, “We are all confident in our impartial judiciary to achieve justice and to say its word against Zebari, who is not worthy of the word of His Excellency the President of the Republic because he does not have the elements of a national administration for this position.” They renewed the call to the honorable members of parliament and to the Sadrist bloc to review their position on the separatist candidate who contributed to the sale of Khor Abdullah and squandered billions, wondering, “How does Mr. Sadr give confidence to a candidate surrounded by doubts and suspicions and convicted of corruption in the majority government?

Source: National Iraqi News Agency