Al-Sadara bloc announces officially joining the ‘Taqaddum’ coalition

Al- Sadara parliamentary bloc announced its official joining with ‘Taqaddum’ coalition, out of its belief that it has a parliamentary majority representing the liberated governorates and to coordinate joint political action.

The bloc explained, in a press statement at dawn on Monday, that its decision to join the ‘Taqaddum’ coalition came after several meetings that led to joint understandings, including the ‘leadership bloc’ retaining its political identity and legal entity, and its belief in the necessity of unifying efforts and enabling agreements to end the obstruction of constitutional entitlements and implement the political agreement paper that the political forces pledged and voted for within the government program, to begin resolving the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, strengthen the tasks of the highest legislative authority, and activate its oversight role.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency