Najaf The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, criticized what he described as the “shy positions” issued by the Arab countries against the Israeli aggression on Gaza .

In his tweet, Al-Sadr described what is happening in Gaza as “a grinding war waged by the Zionist enemy against our Palestinian people, which does not distinguish between children, the elderly, women, places of service and others.”

Al-Sadr accused the American president of giving permission to the Zionist enemy to wage war, and said, “In the midst of all this, Biden declares, saying: Israel must end the war. According to my understanding, this is his permission to use greater violence .. Therefore, the Zionist enemy hastened to declare the intensification and acceleration of the war against (Gaza).

Al-Sadr criticized the Arab countries, in the forefront of Egypt, for not being serious in their stances, and said, “(Egypt) as it to beg to announce a truce .. Egypt, from which we expected a serious and firm stand regarding what is happening against their brothers in occupied Palestine.

He added, “In the midst of this, we see shy attitudes from some rulers who have taken it upon themselves to defend the Palestinian cause. The Arab chivalry has not influenced them, nor does the Islamic or humanitarian conscience pulsate them. How long will this fear, when the Mujahedeen have removed the arrogance of the Zionist enemy, and for how long will the courtesy be at the expense of the blood of the innocent in oppressed Gaza? And in the face of the racism that the official authorities deal with in the evil terrorist state.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency