Al-Sadr Meets With His Authorized Representatives In All Governorates

Najaf The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, met with his authorized representatives in the governorates of Iraq in the special office of his permanent headquarters in Al-Hanana in Najaf.

The media of the private office said that “during the meeting, many important topics were discussed, on top of which is the work and activity of the authorized brothers represented in the governorates and the importance of the role they play, as well as research into the factors for sustaining, strengthening and consolidating the activity in a way that contributes to achieving the desired good results.”

Al-Sadr praised the efforts made by those authorized to represent him, urging them to do more in order to serve Iraq and its honorable people, as well as stand up to its needs and requirements.

Al-Sadr stressed that this is one of the priorities and constants of the Sadrist Movement. He also urged openness to the various layers of Iraqi society and serious work to find appropriate solutions to all problems, including the establishment of civil peace, and to make every effort for that, so that the country would enjoy security, safety, stability and prosperity./


Source: National Iraqi News Agency