Al-Sadr: Our Presence In The Parliament Or The Government Will Be A Prelude To Reform /More

Najaf The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, said: “Our presence in the parliament or the government will be a prelude to reform. Politics, elections, and presence in the entire government are only introductions, and the goal is reform.”

He added in an ideological tweet to him to show the presence of Imam al-Ridha (peace be upon him) as the crown prince during the reign of al-Mamun al-Abbasid: Our participation in the elections and participation in the government will be an example of him, may God’s peace be upon him, and this has several benefits, including: First: strengthening religion and doctrine, by removing the specter of normalization and banishing vice, disintegration, homosexuals, atheism, and the like.

He continued: “We are not deceived by positions, title and authority, for God has honored us, the Sadr family, by sitting in the hearts of the believers, the oppressed and the poor, and this is the ultimate honor in this world and the afterworld. And our presence in the Parliament and the government will give it the luster of reform, either by encouragement or intimidation, and we will expose all corruption schemes, and this is a covenant between me and God and between me and my beloved people.

He stated: “Our absence will be a bullet of mercy at the heart of reform and the product of the two martyrs, may God bless their place… meaning that our presence lends legitimacy, strength and stability, and our withdrawal will be weakness, and that our presence in the current political process in particular is a religious, ideological, national presence, not just a political presence, for the sake of the spoils and the sharing of the cake, as they express, especially after the signing of the document by some leaders thanks to them.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency