Najaf The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, criticized resorting to violence and targeting the headquarters of parties loyal to the government of the national majority, calling on the government to take the most severe security measures and expedite the detection of the perpetrators.

He said in a tweet on Twitter: “It is not logical for a politician to resort to violence if he does not get what he wants.”

He added: “Targeting the headquarters of parties loyal to the majority government is not acceptable to reason, Sharia and law, and the wise among them must hurry to stop the excesses of these demagogic groups and curb them.”

He continued: “We are not clinging to power, but we want reform and banishing the specter of corruption, terrorism, occupation and normalization through political means, and we are able. And if we lose the elections, or give up or are excluded from forming a majority government, we will not take violence at all.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency