Baghdad Head of the Iraqi Center for Media Development, Adnan Al-Sarraj, confirmed: "The recent statement of the Security Council on Iraq is a warning call for the political blocs during the next stage."

Al-Sarraj said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): "The statement of the Security Council carries a message, to set the limits in the political process inside Iraq, and not to take measures, to preserve the state, the constitution, and Iraqi law and the progress of the democratic process in the country."

He explained: The message of the Security Council is clear to everyone, as the members wish to keep Iraq away from political and bloc conflicts in order to obtain spoils and power, and only the law and the constitution can rule, noting that the message is important and many countries stand behind it, which were closely monitoring Iraq and concerned with the interests of Iraq and all countries .

He pointed out: "The UNAMI office in Iraq has a great influence in prompting the Security Council to issue such a statement, as well as European countries, to feel the danger from the exacerbation of problems in Iraq."

The members of the Security Council condemned the violence across Iraq on August 29 and 30 and expressed concern about casualties during the clashes in the Green Zone.

In a statement, the Security Council called for calm and restraint, and welcomed the parties' statements calling on all to refrain from further violence, and urged all parties to resolve their political differences peacefully, respect the rule of law, the right to peaceful assembly, and Iraqi institutions, and to avoid violence.

The members of the Security Council also strongly urged all parties and actors to engage, without further delay, in a peaceful and constructive dialogue to advance reforms and chart a constructive way forward.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency