Al-Shinnawi: Iraq Is A Suitable Arena For Dialogue Due To Its Good Relations With Regional Countries

Baghdad Managing Editor of the Middle East News Agency, an expert in regional affairs, Mahmoud Al-Shinnawi, affirmed: “Iraq is an appropriate arena for dialogue…for its good relations with regional and neighboring countries.”

He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency  NINA : “Iraq does not have the possibility to exert great pressure, but it can be a suitable arena for dialogue, since Baghdad is one of the regional capitals that has good relations with neighboring countries and other countries.”

Al-Shinnawi added: “The Conference could represent regional and international support for Iraq, as Iraq is about to head to a parliamentarian after two months.”

He explained: “The projects and partnerships proposed by the conference represent a strong start to a new phase, in which Iraq will be an arena for regional and international dialogue and partnership, after years of conflict on its land by proxy.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency